Купить эксклюзивные карты. Регион- Азия.
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Купить эксклюзивные карты. Регион- Азия.

Название Размер, см Описание
POD18991101-small (1).png Карта Афганистана и Пакистана 71х56 см 2015 г. National Geographic.

POD18991102-small.png Карта Японии и Кореи

71х56 см

 2015 г. National Geographic.

POD20030302-small.png Карта Азии 1921 г.

101х77 см

Explore Asia in the early 20th century with this National Geographic classic. This map appeared in the May 1921 issue of National Geographic Magazine with three articles including "Western Siberia and the Altai Mountains: With Some Speculations on the Future of Siberia." Illustrating a land of many contrasts, this work is a fine addition to any map collection.

POD20070501-small.png Карта Сингапура 102х72 см
Travel map of Singapore. Distinguished between four levels of roadways and shows both MRT and LRT transit routes. Inner city map shows locations of bus terminals, points of interest, govt buildings, hotels, theaters, shopping centers, churches, hospitals, parks, and estates. Includes a comprehensive index of street names.
POD20070501-small.png Карта Юго-Восточной Азии 71х56 см
Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Timor-Leste (East Timor)

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