Купить эксклюзивные карты. Регион- Европа.
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Купить эксклюзивные карты. Регион- Европа.

Название Размер, см Описание
POD18991101-small (1).png Туристическая карта Карпат 110х90 см
Place names on the map are written in the Ukrainian Latin alphabet (Latynka). The Carpathian region, a popular holiday destination, is one of the most attractive regions to travel in Ukraine. This map provides information about tourism features: the most famous historical and cultural, architectural and archaeological monuments, features of nature preservation, museums and spas. Tourist infrastructure and tourist service facilities are listed. The map contains pictures of architectural monuments.
POD18991102-small.png Карта Центральной Европы

71х56 см

Belarus, Czech Republic (Czechia), Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia), Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine
POD20030302-small.png Карта Европы 1915 г.

80х72 см

This beautifully rendered map of Europe was published in July 1915, one year into the First World War. A historical snapshot of a region in turmoil, this map is a must-have for map collectors, as well as those interested in The Great War. A National Geographic classic.
POD20070501-small.png Карта Средиземноморья 71х56 см
2015 г. National Geographic.
POD20070501-small.png Карта Европы на итальянском языке 141х100 см
Political Europe Map with Italian toponymy for the study of geography

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